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Diane R Hunt, EzineArticles Basic Author
"Diane Hunt works to make class an engaging place for all students."

Todd Reinke
Sheboygan Area School District
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

This website is dedicated to helping teachers and schools to have no failing students.

Here is what other teachers are saying about Diane Hunt . . .

“I learned that I need to change lessons to address the needs and reach different intelligence strengths.”

“I am beginning to wonder how many students did not pass my class because I did not have enough variety of activities to deal with all their learning styles.”

“I learned that with a little thought and “stealing” a few ideas I could be a better teacher for my students.”

“I learned that there is someone else as enthusiastic as I am about learning.”

“I’m beginning to wonder if school could be fun for everyone.”

“I learned that hands on learning needs to be incorporated into more of our classes at school.’

“I am feeling involved with this lesson even though I wasn’t sure I would want to be.”

“I learned that many students learn better in different ways than the way I learn best.’

“I learned how to do different projects for different intelligences.’’

“I am feeling glad I came to this training because you have so many great ideas!”


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